Thursday, October 25, 2012

Will We Ever Learn?

Goethe Institute, Lagos recently staged an exhibition tagged 'Black.Light Project' (a photographic and Artist/Writers initiative) at the old Federal Government Press, No. 9, Broad Street, Lagos. It opened for public viewing and interaction on Saturday, 13th October, 2012. Black.Light Project is an artistic project which saw the coming together of like minds in Artists, Photographers, Writers, etc. who at one time or the other were in the thick, or mere observers, of the conflicts of the war torn West African states of Sierra Leone, Liberia, Ivory Coast, and Guinea Bissau, of not too distant memories.

The Black Light Project campaign 
The project is an epic documentation from 15 graphic storytelling artists from all over the world, who joined the project by merging writings and photographs with drawings depicting daily life and survival during the wars in these four countries. These conflicts that have left their big scars on the surface of the African continent and more, have been captured from the peering eyes of artists and downloaded in this powerful and concise graphic narratives, and is on tour of different continents of the world. Nimba – the War Lord says: “I have no need to be here.”

The desecration of peace and tranquillity, the rape of innocence by the whims and power cravings of the Samuel Does, Charles Taylors of this world, etc, can be seen in the general angst, reprisals, disillusionment in the faces of child soldiers, the black-out in an entire country such as Liberia, etc. But most importantly, these dark pictures with their graffiti and the stunning storylines should go a long way in awakening a continuous reflection and dialogue in our hearts. But will we ever learn our lessons?

By: Morgan Nwanguma

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