Friday, March 16, 2012

My Gallery

'Where are the prophets' - oil
'A Jazzy affair' - watercolour
'A problem of water' - oil on canvas
'Elation' - oil on canvas
'Face of Africa' - oil on canvas
'Mobile' - oil on canvas
'Power of love' - watercolour & ink
'Precious moments' - watercolour
'Somebody's home' - oil
'State of the Union' - watercolour & ink

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Remember Gani Odutokun

Gani Odutokun was one of the most talented, prolific and inspiring artists to come out of Nigeria this century. Gani was my lecturer and a great inspirer and motivator that had an unending strong influence on many of us who were privileged to have had training under him. His untimely death in a car crash in February of 1995 meant the loss of one of Nigeria's pioneers of Modern African art. Could it be just an irony of fate – Gani loved ‘accidents’? Thus his latter works were results of happenstance, and 'happy' accidents, from which he derived his unique liquidized oil painting technique. 

'Dry earth'  - liquidized (oil) painting by Gani Odutokun

All in Your Eyes