Friday, August 28, 2015

Fine Art as a Tool for Societal Development, and the Dire Need for a Revival

The social nay political direction of any given society will definitely be predicated on the norms and societal values that guide such a community. But when there is a lack of these, it should not come as a surprise to anyone why things do not seem to work. Thus there must be a philosophical direction; there must be certain ideals or national values which a society must uphold in its quest for national development and sustenance. These values are not necessarily packaged in any form of written constitution, but they are qualities and ethical behaviours that the generality of the society cherish and are avowed to defend. Nigeria, I can say definitely lacks this for now.

Watercolour painting by Morgan Nwanguma
In a society whereby it does not matter how you attain positions and climb the social ladder; in a society where mediocrity and nepotism is the order of the day; and in a society where ethnic, religious and tribal leanings are the pre-requisites for decision making and agitations, such a society is next to a failed society. In a society where primitive acquisition rules, there cannot be any meaningful progress, justice and genuine peace. My drift is that there is so much intrinsic value imbued in art that our society can tap from for the upliftment of the human spirit; it is the lifting of the human essence and spirit that paves way for genuine cross fertilisation of ideas and consequently, the fledgling of creative thoughts for the building of a greater larger human society.

Friday, August 14, 2015

Issues in Contemporary Nigerian art – a Book Launch

The much awaited book - ‘Issues in Contemporary Nigerian art’ which was conceptualised and compiled by the Nigerian Artist, Juliet Ezenwa Maja-Pearce, was finally brought to birth as artists and art buffs, including the media, were invited to be part of the unveiling in a colourful public event.

Thus practitioners of the arts in various genres made up of mainly the visual artists, writers, theatre practitioners, photographers, critics, art buffs including renowned patrons and people from the academia were all there to grace the occasion of the launch of the book 'Issues in Contemporary Nigerian Art (2000-2010)' conceived and compiled by Juliet Ezenwa Maja Pearce. The event came up at the Yemaja Art Gallery under a relaxed airy atmosphere, in Lagos on Saturday, 08 August, 2015. The book launch also included a round table discussions and debate in an event that was chaired by Dr. (Mrs.) Peju Layiwola, Head of Department of Creative Arts in University of Lagos.

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