Friday, September 18, 2015

ARTZERO Exhibition: Visual Artists Feast on Thoughts at Alliance Francaise

ARTZERO is an artistic and creative platform for synergistic activities between visual artists and allied stake holders in the creative community. Thus Mr. Ato Arinze and his crew as spearheads of this coming together of creative energies have worked resiliently to keep the fire of this communion alive.

'Sobriety' - Ink on paper by Morgan Nwanguma

And for a period of time spanning 2002 and now, ARTZERO has endeavoured to pull creative forces together in collaborative efforts to foster a cross fertilisation of ideas, thoughts and styles. This vision has also encouraged in no small measure a reawakening in the visual arts, in that artists who many at times wrongly or rightly may be construed as recluses, and ungregarious, are given the opportunity to congregate with a common goal in refreshing atmosphere. 

All in Your Eyes